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Blogging is dead

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and i dont twitter either.

so much for web 2.0. heh. im just a visual guy, i suppose.

posted by Lynch4/14/2009 12:03:00 AM

I have been mkII!

Monday, March 16, 2009


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hate to admit it, driving a new ride is ESPECIALLY satisfying. Not only is the car new and clean, the ability to carry a new plate alphabet series is an even deeper "high" than just a new piece of metal on the road.

(ok i know im weird about this, and also, I've mentioned before that I wasn't too happy or excited when i first collected my ride. Erase that for a moment)

But driving during CNY, i suddenly noticed more new-er kids on the block -- the new SJN kids. Suddenly I felt my ride was old, and no longer as fancy and clean as these ones are. Suddenly, I felt people no longer pointing to my car plate and says "oh look, another new car!"

Darn you SJN fellas. Im jealous.

Or maybe not.

With the COE set to dip in all-time lows for a good long time, and car prices still hovering like as though its still pre-recession (note: HONDA), these SJN kids might belong to a generation of cars in the future that will be the toughest to sell, and the hardest to refinance for a new car.

So in that regard, I'll continue to dance in my SJM until the SJP kids come along.

Ouch, until then. heh.

posted by Lynch1/28/2009 08:16:00 PM

HIStory maker - first ride of my life

Monday, January 12, 2009

The free 15" "racing" sports rims + bridgestone high performance tires that wasnt part of the original package

The front bumper

A tale of 2 cars. Goodbye hyundai, I'll never forget the lessons I've learnt with you

posted by Lynch1/12/2009 12:00:00 AM

Welcome to 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

Q: Hey! What's your new year resolution!
A: My new year resolution is to stop making new year resolutions!

I have since scowl and stopped making new year resolutions for too many years I could remember. In my revelations, the answers to this questions ALWAYS (for most of the time) resulted in answers starting with "I will...", "I want...", or "I (verb)..."; which is a pointer back to our own works.

Aka, the question of asking someone what is he or her's new year resolution is another old trick by the thief.

Dont be fooled! Stop putting the I's, and forget about I, me, myself to reflect on your own personal strength and flesh. Your only "new year resolution" as a born again should only be "Yes, and amen!"

posted by Lynch1/05/2009 09:33:00 AM

Sabrina @ Edinbrugh

Sunday, November 02, 2008

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Edinbrugh Highlands sample

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A moment to finally reflect

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The past 7 weeks has been extremely packed, and people-filled. Not one time could I recall I could have the luxury to just spend some alone-time to let my mind catch up with the activities my body endures with.

So this post is going to be as random as it can get, as my mind desperately seeks to record and reflect what all these 7 weeks out of Singapore means.

I am now blogging this on a train with free wifi, from Edinburgh back to London to spend my last night there before catching my flight back.

The 7 weeks here in London may and should have been a corporate training on all things to do with banking, but my major take-aways have been everything but work-related. That perhaps is not too surprising for well-traveled folks. London to me was not only my first European experience, but also the first time I have been abroad for that long.

So in that regard, I am poorly versed in cultures. Bathed only with the stories of my varsity friends and hearsays from my even less-traveled parents, I undoubtedly grew up in a box, thinking that people from different cultures are remarkably different.

But in here, I learnt from the Japanese that societal cultures requires girls to pamper their guys, and pays for all their meals even in dates, even in modern times. Yet when I spoke to these girls, their conversations among themselves were no different from the ones I hear back home, or everywhere else for that matter. I remember at least one Japanese girl said she loves her boyfriend but does not trust it will go anywhere because he will not be earning enough in the foreseeable future. Are materialistic girls confined only to just Singaporeans? Probably not.

Yet the Russians have an attitude typical of our northern neighbours -- they get married in the early 20's without caring if there is enough money for a marriage, let alone life thereafter. Careers are not a often mentioned topic, but any gossips of soccer matches drives even the girls' adrenaline levels.

Regardless, Asians tend to draw from the spoken accent of the whites with the perception of superiority and knowledge. We can argue against this till no-end, but I think this can be easily proven otherwise. It is obvious that even within the European region, the Brits are perceived to be of a higher superiority than the Scots purely, because the Scottish accent is less undermining than the proud accent of the English.

However, acquiring an accent is not the solution; understanding accents perfectly and responding back in your own's however is a deeper showcase of strength. Else otherwise, the mimicking of an non-native accent can make one perceived to be weak, an therefore can be easily usurped over by white superiority.

But that aside, I can also feel I had began to understand much more about myself than I thought I already did from this 7 weeks. I had came to recognize the need (and the right) to be forthcoming with my strengths. I had always try to suppress them for fear of undermining others, but had to realized that possessing strengths is not a sin. No one needs to be a spiderman here.

In the same breath, I had also came to understand my real desires, needs, wants, and hates. And perhaps this is the scariest part -- I do not have the answers yet, and I fear not only would I not able to resolute them, I may not even have the guts to acknowledge them. And so therefore I fear I may have things to live in regret if they persist. Is that why adults used to tell us: "This is life...." ?

Until the next moment.

posted by Lynch10/23/2008 02:21:00 AM

London Week 3 Wallpapers

Friday, October 10, 2008

Westminister Abbey


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I am in London!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

but I cant access my own blog cos the wifi in macs says my blog contains adult materials (and I wonder what those are)

I have EXTREMELY limited internet in London here but I'll try my best to keep the closest of friends updated as much as I can.

And what more better than via pictures! Taken with my trusty 5D for the first time here in 7 days. If you are like Bel who is curious enough, yes the pictures are (as usual) edited slightly. The skies are pure though! its bright and sunny like Singapore for this weekend here!!


posted by Lynch9/14/2008 11:20:00 PM

Sharing another testimony, from my house kopitiam

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The kopitiam fellas at my void deck finished their 7th month prayers, and threw a buffet with all sorts of da yu da rou. I know most of these guys (uncles and aunties) by face, but am not terribly close to them. But as I sat down, they pointed at the feast and said "xiao di, zhi ji qu na lai chi hor" (kiddo, go help yourself to the food)

my instinctive response "har, bu hai yi shi la" (hur, paiseh la!)
Auntie: "aiyo paiseh she mo! qu chi! qu chi!" (no need paiseh, go eat, go eat!!)

I'm terribly thrilled, because its the FIRST time in my life I got to offered FREE food from my house kopitiam. Especially when I'm not even part of the 7th month prayer gang. : D

But I'm just reminded of the verse that said, with favour, all things bad will only be made good in you through Him.

Psalms 5:12 For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

-From His messenger boy

posted by Lynch8/17/2008 04:34:00 PM